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Fire Safe Chimney Sweep Prices

The cost of a chimney sweep can vary greatly from company to company, but here at Fire Safe Chimney Sweep Services we believe that our prices are both competitive and fair. You can be sure that if you choose us you will receive an excellent service using the best possible chimney sweeping technology available for a great price.

If you are comparing our prices with other chimney sweeps make sure the you are comparing like for like. The cost of a sweep also varies greatly in different parts of the country – for example prices are often much higher in and around London, so be sure you are comparing local sweeps. NACS registered sweeps like ourselves can often provide invaluable advice on fuels and getting the best out of your fire or stove. This expert advice can save you more money than the cost of a sweep over the course of a season.

Please see our prices below.

£65 Chimney Sweep

This can include a digital flue inspection, followed by a full sweep and clean smoke test to ensure that the chimney is clear. Once the sweep is complete you will receive a certificate issued by the National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS).


£65 p/h Blockage Removal of Birds Nests

This hourly rate includes the removal of blockages in your chimney including a CCTV check to confirm the flue is completely clear of the the obstuction. The majority of blockages are typically caused by nesting birds and therefore can only be removed once the the birds / fledglings have flown the nest.

NB: The average for a full removal is around £130 including a CCTV inspection check to make sure the blockage is fully removed.


Discounts can be given for multiple sweeps 

Contatct us for more information or a free quote.

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